Below are some of our Clients' Testimonials:  

Shaun and Gail Bernard:

 We had decided to sell our house using Property Guys Inc. to avoid having to pay the commission associated with realtors. Shortly after listing our house we were contacted by Dana and Mark who made an impressive presentation and indicated that should we have any difficulty in selling they would devote both their time to help us reach our goal. After two unsuccessful months with Property Guys we decided to make the change and signed with Dana and Mark, who worked diligengly and sold our house for more than we asked. They helped us find the perfect house to move to. The professional way in which they conducted themselves throughout the entire process helped change my mind about trying to save the commission. The money was well spent and well earned.

Mike and Renette Boudreau:

Hi Dana and Mark,

Mike and I would like to thank you for your kindness and patience you have shown us. When you first came to our house in April, I felt instantly comfortable and wanted to sign with you.  Unfortunately, we felt the need to try Property Guys as we had already signed and paid for their services. You gave us the space we needed at that time and you came back exactly when we needed you to.  You let us try at our price and were confident that we would sell. I had 3 Remax agents laugh at me when I told them the price I wanted. The last one, who is well known in this area, wanted me to list at 310 and even lower and also wanted me to ask the bank if they would allow me to take a loss on the house. I was very depressed at that time and felt hopeless. I didn't sign with them because I felt my house was worth more than that and I would have rathered not sell at all than to lose money on it.  You called at the opportune time and didn't judge us when we told you what we wanted.  You were optimistic and your goal was to make us happy and not just make yourself happy. Dana, your opinion on how to fix the house wasn't unreasonable and you offered your opinion without passing judgement like I experienced with other agents.  The two of you are a great team! 

You were very kind with us from the start and were extremely helpful and understanding throughout the process. I do thank you immensely.  You made selling the house much easier and less stressful.  If I hear of anyone that tries to sell their house, I will recommend the both of you. 

Good luck in the future and do what you do best, be kind and honest!   

Brian Munro:  

I am writing to commend Mark and Dana Berg for their efforts in selling my home as well as for the purchase of my new homes.
 ... Mark and Dana were very organized and professional at all times. They told us with great confidence that they would sell our home in 2 weeks and hoped to sell it in one week ! Our home sold in less than 2 weeks just as we were told. My wife and I were not only very happy but extremely impressed with how thorough Mark and Dana were with our sale. Their communication was excellent as well.
Because of the excellent job Mark and Dana did in both listing and quickly selling our home I decided to hire them to find myself and my 2 sons a new home. The SAME night that I hired them to find me a home I was sent several listings for me to look at. I was very impressed. They not only did find us a suitable home that was in my price range but they found me a home that I fell in love with the moment I saw it !
I had absolutely no problems in my 2 transactions with Mark and Dana and I came away from the whole experience VERY happy and beyond satisfied with the way they handled my sale and my purchase. I will definitely be recommending them to anyone I know that is looking for a real estate agent.